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I think you're a spectacular artist with a wonderful style all your own (the bright colors and the way you do faces are brilliant). But you're an even nicer person. ♡



PLEASE good or bad opinion I’m just curious

oh my this will be hard

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What are some of your favorite things to read in Kristanna fanfiction? Like angsty feel? Comfort? Dorks being dorks? Stuff like that. What if your favorite to write?



Oh man. You know, Kristanna really is one of those rare ships where I just love everything about them. Fluff, angst, drama, humor, hurt/comfort… whatever it is, I’m there. That’s how you know you’ve got a real OTP, I think, that kind of long-lasting one true pairing that stays with you — when the thought of them in any context makes your heart flutter.

I do have a soft spot for hurt/comfort, because it’s basically angst and conflict but with a happy ending, or at least a silver lining. And it works especially well with a strong partnership like Kristoff and Anna — they work together, they support and carry each other, they love and stand by each other through everything. When one falters, the other is there to help them back up, and when they both do, they help each other keep standing. It’s a beautiful thing.

I love humor because Kristoff’s snark and Anna’s unbridled enthusiasm are fun to read and write in equal measure. I like drama because it’s wonderful to see them earn their happy ending. I love them being adorable dorks together because it’s so heartwarming to see Kristoff being a total dork and Anna being a total dork but they love each other not even in spite of it, but because they can be sweet, unapologetic dorks together.

I love Kristoff worrying that he doesn’t deserve Anna and Anna reminding him that she loves him for him, not for titles or wealth. I love Anna being worried and self-conscious and Kristoff not telling her that she’s strong and beautiful, but helping her to see it for herself. I love Kristoff being grumpy and gruff but Anna being so warm and loving that he can’t help but hold her close and kiss her because Anna will always be better than people. I love Anna bringing out the best in Kristoff. I love Kristoff bringing out the best in Anna. I love them sharing and growing and standing together and building something beautiful based on friendship, love, and mutual respect.

Basically I just love them.

I think Bri just accidentally wrote the Kristanna fandom manifesto.

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As you wish.


As you wish.

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Summertime Kristoff  Appreciation (◡‿◡✿)


They’re so cute watching the fireworks

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Kristoff’s expressions from the Sled Scene

He’s so precious :3


Anna straight hair


Anna straight hair

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